INDRESS Spring Summer 2017

Photographer : Quentin Guichard and Wies Schulte
Designer : Wies Schulte
Right – hand designer : Maud Courault
Models : Andy Andenok
Make up ar t ist : Camille Lutz
Hair artist : Virginie Landucci
Lights : Quentin Guichard
Set Design : Aude Buttazzoni / Lux Perpetua
Assistant set designer : Léa Grandi
Graphic design : Set Design : Aude Buttazzoni
Studio manager : Thibault Grosdemange
Produced by : Suffragettes and INDRESS

Thanks to :
Marieke Tricoire, Emmanuelle Foisel, Cécile Laporte, Diane Deschamps, Léa Grandi, Lauren Kettle, Christophe Lucien, Delphine Chabard and studio Carnot